Covid-19 Re-opening


Re-opening to Full Office Scheduling after Covid-19 Restrictions

Hello Parents and Guardians: As you all know our office operations has mostly been restricted to well visit appointments following the Covid-19 related shut down. We are re-opening the office to full scheduling for appointments effective June 24, 2020. As we do this, the safety and well-being of our patients (including parents and guardians), staff, and providers remain uppermost. In view of these, we are making the following changes:

Scheduling and Triage

  • Well visits will now be scheduled in the morning and early afternoon Monday through Friday with all safety protocols in place.
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays sick visits will be scheduled from 4:00 pm to the work-day end.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays sick visits will be scheduled from 3:00 pm to the work-day end.
  • On Saturdays sick visits will be scheduled as usual with all safety protocols in place.
  • We will continue to schedule telemedicine encounters accordingly.

Safety Protocols

  • Our front door will remain locked and all our patients must come into the office with their face masks on. No person will be allowed into the office without a face mask.
  • We allow only one parent (and no sibling) to accompany the patient during the visit.
  • We will continue to keep the well-visit and sick-visit sections of the office separate as usual.
  • Our sick patients are to call the office to notify us of their arrival at the parking lot so that they can be checked in on the phone while remaining in their vehicles. They will be called and taken straight to the examination room when it gets to their turn to be seen. Payments by credit card can be made from their vehicles. Cash payment can be taken as soon as they make entrance.
  • Strep tests and similar tests will be now be performed in the parking lot.
  • Some in-office services such as nebulizer treatments will not be offered until further notice.

Covid-19 Testing

  • We will not offer testing in our facility.
  • Our patients in need of testing will be referred to facilities in Bel Air, Belcamp, Aberdeen, and Forest Hill where testing is available.

We appeal to all our patients to bear with us as we are constrained to make these changes so we can keep everyone safe. We particularly plead with our sick patients for the inconveniences associated with these changes because it might take us a little longer to get to you and we may not readily have sick time slots available when needed. However, we want to assure everyone that we are working hard to ensure that our patients are provided with best care in a safe environment.

Laurel Pediatric & Teen Medical Center will re-open the office on 6/24/2020 following the Covid-19 shutdown Please check your email or call the office for more details.


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