Get Ready for Summer Sports Camps with A Sports Physical

As summer approaches, many kids look forward to attending sports camps and participating in team sports. But before your child hits the field, you want to ensure they're physically prepared. That's where a sports physical from the expert team at Laurel Pediatric & Teen Medical Center in Bel Air, Maryland, comes in. 

What is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical is a physical exam specifically designed to evaluate a child's readiness to participate in sports. It's different from a regular physical exam because it focuses on the child's ability to handle the physical demands of a particular sport rather than their overall health.

During a sports physical, your provider at Laurel Pediatric & Teen Medical Center evaluates your child's:

Why is a Sports Physical Important?

Sports physicals seek to identify health problems or injuries that could put your child at risk during sports activities. For example, if your child has a heart condition, the provider may recommend restrictions on their physical activity to prevent a serious injury.

A sports physical also helps ensure that your child is physically prepared for the demands of a particular sport. For example, if your child wants to play soccer, the provider may evaluate their foot and ankle strength and flexibility to ensure they're less likely to suffer an ankle sprain.

Who Needs a Sports Physical?

Most schools and sports programs require athletes to have a sports physical annually before participating in sports activities.

Even if your child's school or sports program doesn't require a sports physical, it's still a good idea to have one done. It can help identify potential health problems or injuries that could put your child at risk.

Summer sports camps and team sports are a great way for kids to stay active and healthy. But before your child takes the field, make sure they're physically prepared with a sports physical. To book an appointment, call Laurel Pediatric & Teen Medical Center or request an appointment online today.

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